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Water Safety


Because children can drown in as little as an inch of water, caregivers should remain vigilant when allowing children to swim in pools, lakes, or other bodies of water. Swimming can be a fun and refreshing activity for families with…

The Secret to a Smarter Baby


How do you raise a smart baby? Talk to her, play with her, walk with her, sing to her, imitate sounds, cuddle her, read to her every day, and turn off the television and other electronic devices. As parents, we…

Teen Corner: Healthy Tips to Last a Lifetime


The diet that really works is simple. Eat normal food, mostly fruits and vegetables and avoid fad diets. Have a cookie or two but not every day. Don’t eat processed food. If it didn’t live, or come from something that…



Immunizations are one of the most successful medical advancements of the modern age.  It is a testament to the effectiveness of these vaccines that some deadly diseases are incredibly rare or even eradicated.  Many parents and even practicing physicians have…


  Many of our patients are able to travel out of the country to see family or for adventure.  We want to be sure that their experience is a healthy one, and for that reason we strongly recommend that you…

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