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Immunizations are one of the most successful medical advancements of the modern age.  It is a testament to the effectiveness of these vaccines that some deadly diseases are incredibly rare or even eradicated.  Many parents and even practicing physicians have never seen a true case of polio or diptheria.  Vaccines save lives and protect us from diseases.  Despite these amazing advances, recent media coverage has questioned the safety and efficacy of our commonly used vaccines.  These reports have no basis in scientific fact; however, it is perfectly natural for parents to have concerns and questions.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss our vaccines.  We feel very strongly that vaccines are safe and are necessary to protect our children, and can provide information to help parents arrive at a balanced, informed decision.  Our immunization schedule follows the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). There is an ever-increasing array of combination vaccines that we try to incorporate to decrease the number of injections.

For reliable information about vaccines, visit the following websites:

  • vaccine.chop.edu
  • aap.org
  • cispimmunize.org
  • cdc.gov/vaccines
  • immunizationinfo.org

Vaccine Information Sheets are available on the website: www.immunize.org/vis/, or in our office.


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